Address: QQG2+622, Phường Thạnh Mỹ Lợi, Quận 2, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh. Comprising 779 units laid out in 5 block Luminosa, Ciel, Jardin, Viento, Soleil.

One Verandah apartment for rent.


One Verandah apartment for rent,  1 bedroom (56m2) rent: 420 USD/month (basic furniture), and rent: 550 USD/month (full furniture). – 2 bedrooms (81m2) – Rent: 550 USD/month (basic furniture) – Rent: 800 USD/month (full furniture). – 3 bedrooms (110m2) – Rent: 800 USD/month/basic furniture – Rent: 1100 USD/month – full furniture.

Total number of blocks: 5 Soleil, Luminosa, Ciel, Jardin, Viento There are 22 floors in all. The total number of apartments is 779, including duplexes and shophouses.

+ 1 bedroom apartment, 55m2, accounting for 11% + 2-bedroom apartment, 80-95m2, accounting for 41% + 3-bedroom apartment, 110-130m2, accounting for 33%


One Verandah apartment for rent.

In the One Verandah Apartment for rent project, a Mapletree investor spends up to 8,000 m2 on 32 interior utility items.These are essential necessities for people’ daily lives, but they are invested in a higher-end section than the common ground. The 32 utilities are as follows:

— A relaxing lake, a viewing space, an outdoor reading area, an outdoor lounge, a barbeque area for 6-8 people and a BBQ area for 8-10 visitors, a banquet hall, and an outdoor food court. 50m Olympic lake, jacuzzi pool, overflow pool, wave pool, children’s pool

– Outdoor relaxation area, outdoor children’s play area (5-12 years old), gym, mini football field, basketball court, tennis court, jogging track, library


Mapletree is a renowned Singapore-based property development, investment, and capital management firm. Mapletree has a laser-like focus on delivering value to investors through a business model that avoids owning assets and maximises capital efficiency. Mapletree has earned a good reputation and a stable and high return for shareholders by adopting this business model by linking the responsibilities of real estate development, investment management, and capital. Many important awards have been bestowed on a diverse array of real estate developments. Developer of One Verandah apartment for rent now manages four Singapore Stock Exchange-listed real estate trusts (REITs) and six private property investment funds with varied asset portfolios throughout Asia Pacific, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Mapletree owned and managed S$39.5 billion in assets in the office, retail, logistics, and industrial sectors as of March 31, 2017. Residential, corporate/serviced apartments, and student housing are also options.

Mapletree has offices in Singapore, Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam, among others.


One Verandah apartment for rent is located at 4 fronts of Bat Nan street – Nguyen Van Kinh – Ta Hien – 103 in Thanh My Loi ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. This is an advantageous geographical location at a time when the City People’s Committee and the City Department of Transportation have just begun building of a bridge over Diamond Island, providing a new, convenient, and safe road that will reduce travel time between the city’s districts. Residents can easily travel from here:

  • Thu Thiem Tunnel and Phu My Bridge are both 7 minutes away.
  • An Phu An Khanh residential area is 5 minutes away, as is Cat Lai residential area.
  • Tan Son Nhat Airport is 20 minutes away.
  • In approximately 5 minutes, you’ll be in Thu Thiem, Sala Dai Quang Minh Urban Area.
  • District 1, Binh Thanh District is only 15 minutes away via Mai Chi Tho Street, while District 7, Phu My Hung is only 20 minutes away via Dong Van Cong Street.

Feliz En Vista Apartment, Vista Verde, The Sun Avenue, Dimond Island, The CBD… are all close by.

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