Address: No 1 street No 104, Binh Trung Tay ward, District 2, Ho CHi Minh city. Comprising 1,275 units in 6 Blocks, 29 floor.


The Diamond Island project has a total of 6 towers with the following names: Brilliant. Hawaii, Bora Bora, Canary, Bahamas, Maldives The total number of Diamond Island apartments when completed will provide customers with 1,275 luxury apartments and divided into 2 main phases.


Diamond island apartment for rent with more than 245 listing properties, cheapest rental starting from 700 usd/month for two bedroom apartment (105m2, 120m2). And three bedrooms apartment (137 sqm) has rental starting from 1400 usd included management fee.


Diamond Island apartment for rent.

Located right on the banks of the Saigon River, Diamond Island’s location, separated from the hustle and bustle of daily life, is the ideal choice for resort life.

With its location on four sides of the river, Diamond Island apartment for rent is the only separate island in the central area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City adjacent to Thu Thiem Urban Area in the West and District 2 Administrative Center in the East. Diamond island apartment for rent is connected to District 7 via Phu My Bridge.
Diamond island apartment for rent surrounded by green nature is known as “dragon fruit tree” – the pearl in the dragon’s mouth. Here character harmonizes with light, sun, and wind, giving you a high-class life in a pure atmosphere.
With the favorable location of Diamond Island, the island has redefined a new urban life where high-class life blends with rustic closeness to nature.


Diamond Island apartment design is designed by an international architectural competition with 15 leading companies in the world. The impressive point of this apartment complex is the design style of “Dark Bee’s Nest.” The blocks are subdivided, each house is guaranteed to have at least two directions overlooking the space. Moreover, at the Diamond Island apartment project in District 2, there are corridors connecting the buildings, the wind efficiently circulates and circulates to each corner of the house. Give your home a big, cool breeze. Each house uses a separate elevator every four floors, which is rotated to the side of the facade according to the honeycomb design, creating a unique feature for all apartment buildings in the Diamond Island project in District 2. , different from the apartments built traditionally. Diamond Island apartment design is square, optimizing the use area and making the most of the vegetation, blending with nature and rivers. All apartments under the Diamond Island project in District 2 are designed with meticulous attention to detail, from Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen Area, Dining Table… to Diamond Island investors. District 2 installs high-class and modern interior equipment. Moreover, the Diamond Island apartment areas are designed and arranged by architects very scientifically, optimizing the use area in harmony with nature and scenery.
Incredibly, 100% of Diamond Island apartments in District 2 have 3 to 4 open views, overlooking the center of District 1, direct view of the Saigon River as well as the green park.


The construction density is only 15% of the total area; most of the site is reserved for trees, grass, and high-class facilities to serve residents. Every moment of living in Diamond Island apartment for rent is the best experience. With family and loved ones in a green natural environment. High-class internal facilities at Diamond Island apartment for rent are designed according to 5-star resort standards for high-class life, such as preschool, GYM room, yard. BBQ grill, inner jogging track, tennis court, golf course, water taxi service… The most prominent are the overflowing saltwater swimming pool, the 2,300m2 resort-style swimming pool, and the children’s water park. There is absolute security for residents and children of families living on the Diamond Island apartment for rent ; there are 16 24-hour security checkpoints combined with a security camera system.

In particular, Diamond Island apartment for rent is managed by two international standard management systems. Savills is the building manager, and The Ascott is the rental management unit to meet the criteria of luxury with quality. Good service for apartment owner.

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