Address: 170 Nguyen Van Huong street, Thao Dien ward, District 2. Total Units: 210. 02 Blocks.

River Garden Apartment For Rent


3 bedrooms, 138 square metres, and a balcony are included in the rental of this River Garden apartment for rent in thao dien, which is 1400 USD. People with children who attend international schools in Thao Dien will like staying here.

River Garden’s residents can take advantage of the expanded open space and improved utility services. • Outdoor records • Tennis court • Playground for children

Cafe – bar-4 is an outdoor restaurant. Elevator – Backup power system – Internet connection Property management in accordance with international best practises…. – There is a large balcony that overlooks the garden that is shared by the entire unit. All of the information systems are covered. –

White oak is used to build the bedroom’s floor. In order to complete the interior of the house, the owner will need to buy a second kitchen and refrigerator.


Fresh air and calm living areas are expected to make River Garden apartment for rent in thao dien, one of District 2’s most desirable places to live. There are no restrictions on traffic in this area. There is a gorgeous lake, a BBQ area, a park, and a children’s playground at the apartment complex.

Nearby main business districts, such as Binh Thanh’s district centre, are just a short walk from River Garden apartment for rent in thao dien. District 2’s business district may be reached in approximately ten minutes on foot from the River Garden apartment for rent in thao dien. A notable example is the ten-minute walk to the core of District 1.

In addition, there are a number of supermarkets within a short distance of each other: Metro An Phu; Parkson; and Lotte Mart. Nearby Post Hospital, Hoan is a short distance away. In the United States, my hospital. From kindergarten to grade three, pupils in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and France follow a common international school system. It is surrounded by Tropic Garden, Ascent Thao Dien, Xii Riverview Palace, and Thao Dien Pearl, among others.


River Garden apartment for rent in thao dien.

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River Garden apartment for rent in Thao Dien has a total land area of 623,698 m2 and a total building area of 2,970 m2.

The construction of this house began in January 2008, and it was completed in March 2015.

A total of 1,118.64 billion Vietnamese Dong (USD) has been invested.

One to four-bedroom apartments are available on every floor in River Garden apartment for rent in Thao Dien’s two blocks.

Green space (percent) 66 is significantly higher than the percentage of green space (percent) in the immediate area. There are apartments ranging in size from 135 m2 to 166 m2.

Management charge per square metre every month is $15,000. Motorbike parking costs 220 thousand VND a month, and the monthly automobile rate is 2 million VND.

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