Masteri Thao Dien is a high-end apartment project in Thao Dien that combines a commercial center, office facilities, and a hotel on 8 hectares with frontage along Hanoi Highway.


The cheapest rental ranges of Masteri Thao Dien for rent is from 550 USD per month (for a one-bedroom apartment). 700 USD per month (for a two-bedroom apartment), and 1000 USD per month (for a three-bedroom apartment) (3 rooms sleep). Monthly management fee: 18,000 VND per m2. Parking fee: 1,400,000 VND per month per vehicle, 200,000 VND per month per motorcycle


Masteri Thao Dien For Rent is located 200 meters from the Saigon River, allowing for a light and airy living atmosphere. The project is adjacent by Gateway Thao Dien, also directly linked to the An Phu station (station 7) on the metro line No. 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien. It takes just 7 minutes to get to the heart of District 1 and its surrounding districts.


Masteri Thao Dien For Rent.

The project invests more than 60% of the area on a nearly 6,000 m2 green park and an about 3,500 m2 air-conditioning pool, generating green space that is entirely different. The comprehensive service infrastructure involves over 90 local services to meet the needs of all family members, such as a green park, swimming pool, children’s play area, BBQ area, gym, and so on. The Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien commercial center, which Vingroup has invested in Masteri Thao Dien For Ren, will open simultaneously as the residential area.


Masteri Thao Dien For Rent is a high-end apartment development that combines commercial (shopping) center, office, and hotel services. Masteri Thao Dien For Ren’s exterior will be a 140,000-square-meter shopping mall built to international standards, with high-end shops offering restaurants, cinemas, entertainment centers, leisure, a swimming pool, and a green park.
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