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Thao Dien has long been known as a residential area for foreigners living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. In recent years, many high-class apartments have been completed, the population density of the Thao Dien area has increased more than before. However, due to the habit of staying at home, keeping pets, planting lots of trees, and avoiding trouble, especially in the situation of lockdown due to covid, many foreigners still prefer House Thao Dien For Rent. House Thao Dien For Rent, with prices from $800 to $1800, is usually designed in the style of a tube house. It is built in the form of rectangles, or cylinders, located next to each other in the form of lots. This model will be limited in width but has depth towards the back. The common measurements of the floor area of tube houses in Vietnam are: 3.5x10m - 3.5x12m - 3.5x15m - 4x10m - 4x12m - 4x15m - 4x18m - 4x20m - 5x10m - 5x12m - 5x15m - 5x20m.

Modern tube House Thao Dien For Rent

House Thao Dien For Rent.

The number is not much, mainly due to new construction or the owner’s acquisition and renovation in a contemporary style. The House Thao Dien For Rent have an open living space design; the kitchen connects to the living room, with many large windows or skylights for light and ventilation. The cumbersome pattern details for decoration are omitted; the overview is not confused. Although there is a small area of ​​land that is not enough for a yard, the homeowner can plant more indoor plants such as under the stairs, under the skylight, in the balcony, terrace, roof, and plant trees.

Refurbished House Thao Dien For Rent.

This type of house is designed quite similar to neoclassical style when using standard details such as Balconies on the front floors have two pillars running along with the balcony, locking the arch to form a corner. Covered with a false roof on the terrace also creates an additional part of the faulty roof in the facade. However, the difference of the innovator is that this House Thao Dien For Rent will be slightly more youthful, more modern in a ratio of about 60% modern and 40% classic mixed. The recognizable point is that the decorative details in the columns, moldings only in the windows and doors are omitted or kept as square as possible. Thereby helping your tube house, your home has a luxurious beauty, but still has a healthy, youthful, and full personality that modern society aims for.

Neoclassical House Thao Dien For Rent

The style of the House Thao Dien For Rent, neoclassical tube house, is a mixture of about 40% modern and 60% classic. Like the contemporary tube house, the neoclassical tube house also uses great balconies, two balcony columns, two layers of false roofs on the facade. However, there will be many decorative details such as patterns, moldings on columns, balconies, railings, doors, windows. That creates a very elegant, youthful, but soft, luxurious beauty.

Classic House Thao Dien For Rent

As for the style of House Thao Dien For Rent, classic tube house, the entire facade will be designed very sophisticatedly and in detail, requiring concentration in both design and construction. To create an entire old house, it is possible to harmonize all the sophisticated decorative elements in all items inside and outside the front of the house. Combine with light, gentle and straightforward tones, with trim strongly contrasting colors to create accents like a modern house. Because the highlight, beauty, and prominence of the classic tube house type lie in the detail and sophistication with many patterns and moldings in all project items.
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