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6 Common Mistakes Renter Makes

Leasing accommodation is an option that many people choose when they do not have enough financial budget to buy a house or do not have the need to settle down in an area. To rent the right property, make sure you do not make the following 6 mistakes:

6 Common Mistakes Renter Makes
Leasing accommodation is an option that many people choose when they do not have enough financial budget to buy a house or do not have the need to settle down in an area. To rent the right property, make sure you do not make the following 6 mistakes:
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How To Decorate Your Walls

Walls are one of the hardest-working elements in a home.

They define your floor plan, divvying up the footprint of your space into multiple rooms. Walls support artwork, bookshelves, coat hooks, mirrors, and lighting. And on top of all that heavy lifting, they play a key role in punctuating the design of your space.
Think of your walls as large canvases. With the right treatment, they can enhance light and color and greatly contract or expand a room. In fact, walls play just as much of a role in making your home feel big or small as its actual square footage.
While we’ve talked about flow as a function of furniture placement, good flow can also be established by alternating the colors of your walls from one room to the next Estella Heights for rent. Bright walls reflect more light and have an expansive visual impact. Dark walls absorb light and feel closer to you visually. Put this lesson to use, and you have the opportunity to vary the experience in your home, from wall to wall to wall.


Paint is much more than a decorative tool. You can use it to alter the perception of a room: make ceilings seem higher, walls longer, and open spaces cozier. Try these foolproof tricks when picking paint, and get the most from every wall in your house.

BALANCE SOARING CEILINGS If ceilings are so high that your room feels uncomfortably vast, consider painting them a darker shade. It gives the impression of closeness, which, in turn, is cozier.
ADD HEIGHT TO LOW CEILINGS White ceilings are what make most Masteri Thao Dien for rent feel higher than they actually are. You can increase the illusion, though, by adding a chair rail to your walls and painting the top half of the wall a lighter shade than the bottom.

MAKE A SMALL ROOM FEEL LARGER We’ve all heard that lighter colors help small rooms seem spacious. This is true, but an even more helpful trick is to paint your walls and ceiling the same color. It allows your eye to flow uninterrupted through the space, blurring the boundaries of the room.

MAKE AN AWKWARDLY LONG SPACE MORE PROPORTIONATE Painting the shorter “end” walls a few shades darker than the others can make a long, narrow space look slightly more square. Again, this is because the dark color creates the illusion of closeness. Gateway Thao Dien For Rent
HIGHLIGHT (OR HIDE) ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS Charming details like decorative molding should be showcased (when they’re in good shape), so paint them a contrasting color to your walls. If, however, you want to hide eyesores (air-conditioning vents, radiators, exposed pipes), paint them the same color as your walls, and they’ll blend right in.

Cheat Sheet: Common Paint Finishes, Defined

flat: Matte finish; reflects minimal light. Great for bumpy walls, because it hides flaws. The downside: it marks easily, so only use it in low-traffic areas.
eggshell: Semimatte finish with a very subtle sheen. The best option if you want the look of flat paint but need something more durable that can be cleaned—for, say, a dining room.
satin: A smooth and slightly glossy finish. Good for walls in high-traffic areas, such as living rooms, because it wipes clean without damaging the paint.
semigloss: Glossy without being shiny. It’s highly durable, making it the right choice for bathrooms and trim, which take a lot of abuse.
gloss: High-shine and ultradurable. It stands up to grease and water stains, which means it’s great for kitchens, doors, and attention-grabbing pops of color. One drawback: it shows every bump and flaw in the wall.


Wallpaper is a commitment. Putting it up is a lot of work. Taking it down is even harder. But as with all big commitments, you can expect big returns. Think of wallpaper as art on a very grand scale—and use these tips for choosing (and hanging) it wisely. to use a large-scale print, then make this the starting point of your design vision, and build the rest of the room’s decor and color scheme around it.
SMALL PRINTS Almost any room can handle a smaller print. Use it to offset a stronger pattern in something you already own, like a rug or piece of furniture. Or hang it as a way to highlight an architectural detail (a kitchen nook or arched ceiling).
REMOVABLE WALLPAPER Loads of big-name companies and new designers (Tempaper, for instance) offer hundreds of design options. If you’re renting (or a commitment-phobe), removable wallpaper is the perfect solution. With a little elbow grease, it pulls right off the wall when you’re ready to move—or when you get tired of it. Vinhome central park for rent
PAINTING PATTERNS If you like the idea of pattern on your walls but don’t want to spend the money on wallpaper, you can always create your own design using painter’s tape and paint. Taping off the pattern is time-consuming. But the added bonus of having something totally unique (that you made) in your home is immeasurable.


Decorative Turkish, Moroccan, and Mexican, and Q2 Thao Dien for rent tiles have changed the game when it comes to tile and where it’s used in the home. Once reserved for bathrooms and kitchens, decorative tile work is now popping up on statement walls in living rooms and outdoor spaces. As with wallpaper, the commitment level is high, but the payoff is big. A good compromise: tile a small area first, then add more if you decide you love it. Find out more in Buu Y Cao


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How To Choose Color For Your House

Color is a direct reflection of personality.

You want to choose a palette that makes you feel happy in every room. Because it is so personal, though, picking the right shade can be a real stumbling block; it’s easy to hesitate and not express yourself fully.
But we say … go for it!
The safest way to start thinking about color is to choose a palette from either the Warm Family (reds, yellows, oranges) or the Cool Family (blues, greens, purples). Picking a few shades within one of these two groups ensures harmony. As you get bolder, however, you can certainly start to mix warm and cool colors together: mossy green with canary yellow, crimson red with lapis blue … the options are limitless. City garden apartment for rent
If you’re a bit more adventurous with color—but still want some direction—get inspired by something you already own and love: a rug, a piece of artwork or cloth and love: a rug, a piece of artwork or clothing, even an element from nature, like an eggshell, feather, or leaf. The fact that you love it means it will sing in your home—and the fact that all these colors already exist together means they’ll work nicely in a room.


Taking the color splash

If you’re ready for a bold mix, picking shades from opposite ends of the color wheel will always be complementary. Selecting hues that appear next to each other is a subtler combination that creates interesting definition in a space.


THE 80/20 RULE

Before you get too color hungry, keep this in mind: a little bit of color goes a long way. Using whites, off-whites, and neutrals in up to 80 percent of a room, and then filling the other 20 percent with a highly saturated shade, gives you the right baseline mix. We call it the 80/20 Rule—and it’s a sure guide to getting color right in every room. You’ll find that once you start pushing color into your space, it will dramatically change the feeling of your whole home. But don’t be timid; almost nothing is permanent when it comes to home decor … especially paint.



Color schemes … with a twist

We’ve designed one palette for each of our signature styles. Don’t think of them as the only way to achieve these looks—think of them as a jumping-off point for making your own.

Warm Industrial

PRIMARY COLOR: fern green

ACCENT COLORS: powder blue-gray + light silver

ADVENTUROUS POP: add marigold

FLOORS: medium-tone distressed wood

FABRIC: neon pink geometric print


Happy Modern

PRIMARY COLOR: azure blue

ACCENT COLORS: black + eggshell

ADVENTUROUS POP: add forest green

FLOORS: textured carpet

FABRIC: bold floral print


Simple Chic

PRIMARY COLOR: dutch linen

ACCENT COLORS: soft pink + deep navy

ADVENTUROUS POP: add sunglow yellow

FLOORS: honey-tone wood

FABRIC: cowhide


Eclectic Collector

PRIMARY COLOR: creamsicle orange

ACCENT COLORS: chalkboard + light yellow

ADVENTUROUS POP: add fuchsia

FLOORS: distressed cement

FABRIC: textured berber

Classic Glam


ACCENT COLORS: purple + olive

ADVENTUROUS POP: add tomato red

FLOORS: black wood

FABRIC: faded persian textile


Contemporary Cottage

PRIMARY COLOR: saddle suede

ACCENT COLORS: gray + ink

ADVENTUROUS POP: add kelly green

FLOORS: moroccan rug

FABRIC: rustic stripe


Organic Modern


ACCENT COLORS: pale gray + moss green


FLOORS: pale wood in herringbone pattern

FABRIC: french crochet


New Traditional

ACCENT COLORS: chocolate + rich green

ADVENTUROUS POP: add ruby red

FLOORS: graphic patterned rug in a neutral shade

FABRIC: neutral check

PRIMARY COLOR: subdued sea foam

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What is your favorite interior style?

what is your favorite interior style?

What is your favorite interior style? Style is often hard to label—and it’s going to be something you’re constantly discovering. So when you start thinking about style in your home, never look at it as something that’s “fixed.” Enjoy shifting, tweaking, and experimenting with every room.
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Getting The Right Flow For Your House

1. What is flow?

Drawn from feng shui (China) and Vastu-sastra (India), flow refers to the way rooms allow people and energy to move in and around them. When a room is laid out well, it not only works better, looks good, and is easy to maintain; it is also more energetic. To put it more succinctly: it will make you happy.

Flow is the biggest secret to creating a healthy, beautiful home.

Maxwell Ryan

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