Beautiful 2 Bedrooms Vinhome Bason For Rent Only 800 USD! District 1

$800 /1000
Property type: Apartments/Flat
Area (M 2)


  • Air conditioning
  • Alarm system
  • Built in wardrobes
  • Garage / Parking
  • Home Appliances
  • Pet Allowed
  • Swimming pool
  • Wireless Internet


2 Bedrooms Vinhome Bason For Rent

2 Bedrooms Vinhomes Golden River For Rent is the first project for the city’s trend in the town’s heart. The romantic Saigon River dock flows through, bringing peace, full-body life, and outstanding internal facilities to the residents. Undeviatingly from the 2 Bedrooms Vinhome Bason For Rent opening ceremony for the first time, “Green River – Golden Land” had more than 4,000 customers participating, hundreds of customers ordered immediately.


No. 2 Ton Duc Thang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, was created on the rich land of Ba Son, with the meandering Saigon and Thi Nghe rivers. Therefore the apartments have panoramic views of the city. 2 Bedrooms Vinhome Bason For Rent locates right next to the Botanical Garden, Dinh Doc Lap, Him Lam Golf Course, Van Thanh Park, and many essential projects in Saigon.

“The trend of residents looking for apartments with the best views is increasing rapidly soon. 2 Bedrooms Vinhome Bason For Ren with beautiful views often have higher prices”- Quote from Savills Group Chairman, friend Neil MacGregor.


Immerse yourself in nature – enjoy modern technology. With a construction density of only 18.6%, the number of 2 Bedrooms Vinhome Bason For Ren apartments is considered the largest among the projects launched in 2016.

Investor: Vingroup Group
Architectural unit and design: Atkins group (architectural company for Vinhomes Central Park – Landmark 81)
Landscape design contractor: EDSA Group
Project Area: 25,29 ha
Build password: 18.6%
Number of floors: 60 floors


Riverside is a small peaceful town, in the city is a vibrant and rhythmic street, like a bustling song in a tropical garden. Vinhomes Golden River includes 4 classy subdivisions gathered in a large European urban area.

The Front – Division 1 has 3 apartment towers: Front 1, Front 2, Front 3, are installed with Low-E glass touching the floor to help prevent heat, prevent ultraviolet rays, transmission; Smart Home apartment system currently great.

According to European standards, the Luxury – Division 2 has six apartment towers named Luxury 1 to Luxury 6 with super luxury apartments, a solar system providing hot water, and a clean water filtration system.

The Victoria – Division 3 is the exclusive villa subdivision, with 63 royal garden villas, located right next to the Saigon River road.

The Aqua – Division 4 has four apartment towers from Aqua 1 to Aqua 4, offering advanced modern apartments and Officetel apartments for the businessman.

UTILITIES Of 2 Bedrooms Vinhome Bason For Rent.

Friendly community, luxurious residents with 26 perfect internal amenities in a high-class ecological complex.

The central square, event lawn, historic square – art sculpture, riverside viewing area, swimming pool, BBQ area. River panoramic observatory, tropical flower garden, waterfall water, outdoor Gym & Fitness, multi-purpose utility yard, Vinschool shuttle school. Large garage, riverside jogging track, golf practice area, super-luxury marina, amusement park, dedicated playground for children.
Saigon residents and Viet Kieu wishing to return to their homeland, and foreign residents also invest in luxury apartments, such as 2 Bedrooms Vinhome Bason For Rent project. The new building facilities: Lounge welcoming 5-star guests, modern gym area, spa area – high-end beauty for residents, computer room, community room, meeting room, reading room book.

2 Bedrooms Vinhome Bason For Rent is the right choice for investors, successful people who want a full and up-to-date life.

Properties like this tend to get snapped up quickly, so make sure you give our team a call if you fancy a closer look. And just so you know, the images are for marketing purposes only, so the fixtures and fittings may vary. Get in touch to take a look! Currently undergoing a full refurbishment – however, a show home is available to show you the end standard of this project! For availability and more information please contact us or visit chintaisaigon.

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