Sunwah Pearl - Hong Kong Iconic Building

Sunwah Pearl is the second apartment project of Sun Wah Group in Vietnam after the Saigon Pearl and Pearl Plaza projects. The project is developed on 1.9ha land located at Thu Thiem 1 bridge in Ward 22 of Binh Thanh District. The project includes three apartment towers 45-50 floors high with 1354 apartments from 1 to 3 bedrooms.


Sunwah Group, a Hong Kong corporation established in 1957. With more than 45 years of operation in Vietnam. Sunwah Group is entering a new development period in parallel with the strong development of the Asian economy. The Sunwah Group is active in various sectors such as real estate, food, financial services, education, and media. In Vietnam, Sunwah Group is one of the largest private property developers in the country. Sunwah Tower Nguyen Hue and Saigon Pearl (joint venture with SSG Group) in Ho Chi Minh City are two typical projects of this Group in Vietnam.


The utilities in the Sunwah Pearl Apartment are intelligently arranged in the low-rise subdivision of 4 apartment blocks, helping residents save travel time while still enjoying the top amenities at hand.

More than 50 utilities are integrated inside the project, including:
Parking area, reception hall, security camera status is guaranteed 24/24.
Common room, the library, playground to relax. Shopping mall, mini supermarket, retail chain store. Food restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, BBQ area.System of swimming pools for adults and children, sports field, health training area.
In particular, the internal part of the Sunwah Pearl Apartment project is focused on building large green trees by the investor to bring a comfortable living space but still in harmony with nature.


Located on the main road, 90 Nguyen Huu Canh street, right at the Thu Thiem bridge connecting the Saigon River to District 2. In addition, the Sunwah Pearl Apartment location connects easily with the areas of District 1, District 2 in less than 2 minutes. Other neighborhoods are also easily connected in less than 15 minutes through a complete transportation system.


Sunwah group aspires to turn Sunwah Pearl into a typical Hong Kong-style residential area. Hong Kong’s prosperity is thanks to the feng shui of the peaceful Victoria Harbor surrounded by mountains like a pearl basin. Similarly, Sunwah Pearl Apartment will be a place of great fortune, bringing luck and well-being to the owner. Located close to the Saigon River and is not covered by any other residential areas. Therefore, from the Sunwah Pearl Apartment, you will be able to see the scenery of the city center and the river scene with boats and yachts going back and forth very poetically and airy.
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